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The South Florida Chapter of the American Harp Society was founded as the Miami Chapter on November 28, 1970 by Mrs. Margarita Montero Inclan.  The name was changed in 1998 to include American Harp Society members in the communities of Broward and Palm Beach County.


"The mission of the American Harp Society, Inc. is to celebrate our legacy, inspire excellence, and empower the next generation of harpists."

American Harp Society South Florida Chapter

Current Officers

Nancy Donohue, President & Communications

Karina Kusz, Vice-President

Karen Lang, Treasurer

Past Presidents

Margarita Montero

Trudy Frank Faust

Valerie von Pechy-Whitcup

Mark Spencer

Kit Kostowski-Granat

Stacey Berkley

Charlene Conner

Nancy Ann Gillan

Kay Kemper

Events and Concerts



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Our Founder

Margarita Montero Inclan

(August 27, 1903-April 11, 1993)

Mrs. Margarita Montero Inclan was born 27 August 1903 in Havana, Cuba to a musical family. Her early instructors were Señora Ardors and Amelia Conti. She later traveled to Philadelphia, PA to study with Edna Phillips and Camden, ME to study with Carlos Salzedo.

For twenty years, Margarita was Principal Harpist of La Filarmonica de la Habana and for many concurrent years principal harp of Pro-Arte Musical and La Orquesta del Gran Teatro de la Habana.

Margarita Montero Inclan
Margarita Montero Inclan

One day in 1961, Margarita (in her late 50s) went to a morning rehearsal of La Filarmonica, called in sick during the lunch break, and with her husband Aquilino boarded a plane for Miami. She left behind everything, including her harps and music.

Margarita was able to continue her harp career in Florida. She performed with orchestras all over the state. She also established harp programs at Miami Senior High School, Miami-Dade Community College, and Florida International University. Margarita arranged numerous pieces for harp ensemble, was a beloved teacher, "abuela", and friend.

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We love music and we love the harp!

There are various types and sizes of harps and our members are just as unique, playing a variety of musical styles on a wide assortment of harps. Our members are young, old, teachers, students, and performers. We would love to have you join us in our mission to promote awareness of the harp within the South Florida community. 

Whether you already play the harp, want to learn to play, or just enjoy listening to the music of the harp, let's celebrate the harp together.


Nancy Ann Gillan

Former Chapter President


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